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Below you will find some of the resources that I like. Some resources may be of interest to all adoptees and other resources are of particular relevance to Sri Lankan adoptees.


I have selected these resources with adoptees in mind, however adoptee’s families and professionals, policy makers and educators working in adoption will also find these useful tools for understanding the adoptee experience.


Olivia Tanner’s Adoption blog


Inter-country Adoptee Voices (ICAV)

ICAV advocates for adoptee rights and provides a platform for adoptees to voice their views on, and experiences of living, adoption.

The ICAV website has a range of helpful resources, including adoptee stories and links to academic research on adoption.

Intercountry adoptees can also join the ICAV Facebook group to connect with other adoptees and keep up to date with ICAV’s advocacy work and other adoption news.


Confessions of an Adoptee

This website provides a safe space for all adoptees to confess their innermost thoughts, feelings and perspectives on adoption  in short form. Adoptees can post anonymously. It is a great outlet for adoptees to express themselves and the confessions also make for a very affirming, concise and enlightening read.


Letters for Them

Some adoptees do not have any way to trace their birth families, some are in reunion but do not want to or cannot share certain thoughts yet  and some do not want to search but still have things to say to their birth parents…This unique idea was started by an intercountry adoptee. She has created a real somewhere for adoptees to actually send their letters. If there is something you wish you could say to your birth family, this website is for you…


Benevolent Society Post Adoption Resource Centre (PARC)

The Benevolent Society provides an excellent resource for those connected to adoption and living in NSW and the ACT. I have found them extremely knowledge about adoption (a rare find) and very compassionate.

PARC provides a range of post-adoption support, including a counselling service, support groups and a library of adoption resources. The PARC website contains links to a large range of useful articles for adoptees and their parents and spouses which you can find here.

Unfortunately, PARC have recently lost some Government funding which is such a shame. (It will be interesting to see whether, given the Commonwealth Government intention to streamline the adoption process, any additional funding is given to post-adoption support services as post-adoption resources in Australia are already very limited).


Nancy Verrier

Nancy Verrier is the author of the well-known adoption book, ‘The Primal Wound’, and the related book, ‘Coming Home to Self’. She is a psychologist and adoptive mother who advocates for children’s rights. There is some very interesting and relevant information on her website for adoptees and their families (adoptive parents and birth).


Adoption Reunion – A Success Story

This is a webpage by Marilyn, a birth mother, and her son Sean, who share their reunion experiences at various intervals over a 16 year period. Their positive approach to reuniting, and honesty in talking about reunion, makes this webpage a very useful resource for families in reunion and an interesting read for all.


Adopted (the movie)

This movie, which you can find here on YouTube, is a great look at the intercountry adoptee experience at its most raw. The majority of the story focuses on a Korean adoptee (Jennifer Fero) now an adult, who wants to use her voice to help people to understand some of the experiences, thoughts and concerns that may arise for intercountry adoptees adopted into a white family and anglo-culture. Part of the movie also follows the journey of a couple who are adopting a little girl from China.





Sri Lankan Adoptees in  Australia Community

This is a Community for Sri Lankan adoptees living in Australia. Created by a Sri Lankan adoptee who lives in Melbourne, Sri Lankan adoptees can join the community to connect with each other and share resources.


Lazy, But Smart Sinhala Blog

This blog is a great place to start if you want to learn spoken Sinhala.

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