News from July! Update on my application for dual citizenship

I have some awesome news about my application for dual citizenship. On a very unexpected (and to be honest, not very good day), I received an email from ‘citsection’. I thought, what is ‘citsection?’ The attached letter was very simple and innocuous looking. And very official. After much wait, paperwork, legwork, stress and tears, the Sri Lankan Department of Immigration and Emigration have APPROVED MY APPLICATION FOR DUAL CITIZENSHIP!




  1. Officially agree to or accept as satisfactory.

Oxford Dictionary


There is no way that I could have had managed the dual citizenship application process without the help of  both of my families. It was not an easy process as an adoptee living outside Sri Lanka and as an adoptee, the process evoke many emotions. (You can read my previous posts about dual citizenship applications here and here). So I have to say here how thankful I am to all of the members of my family who helped me, listened to me and ran errands for me to make sure that I was able to get my application approved and resume the citizenship that I consider to be my birth right. Just shows how amazing it is when an adoptee’s adoptive and biological families all work together! :-)

I also want to say a huge thank you to some of my adoptee friends who supported me through the process and were happy for me when I found out that my application was approved. Some of those adoptees are not easily able to resume dual citizenship themselves, but they cared about my application process anyway. They are true friends. Now if only all adoptees were able to resume their citizenships…

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  1. Hi, I’m also a adoptee from Sri Lanka, and looking to get dual citizenship, would you be able to give me the process you went through, to obtain.

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