How much does it cost to apply for dual citizenship?

The costs below represent the costs involved in making an application to have my Sri Lankan citizenship resumed whilst also keeping my Australian citizenship. I thought this information might be useful to other adoptees who want to obtain dual citizenship.


I have incurred these costs regardless of whether my application is approved or not.

  • Criminal record check: $53
  • Photocopying of large documents in colour: $5
  • Passport sized photos: $17
  • Justices of the Peace certification: $0
  • University verification: $0
  • Notary public notarisation: $140
  • Travel to Sydney Passport Office for DFAT* authentication: $17
  • DFAT* authentication fee: $40
  • Stamped, self-addressed envelope to obtain receipt from Consulate: $1
  • Money order for Consulate processing fee: $9
  • Consulate processing fee: $35
  • Consulate fee for confirming that academic qualifications have been suitably verified and notarised: $35
  • Second money order for Consulate processing fee: $9**


Total costs incurred in applying for dual citizenship to date: $371

Possible future cost: Dual citizenship fee of LKR 250,000*** (approx. AUD $2415). The dual citizenship fee is only payable if a person’s application for dual citizenship is approved.




*DFAT – Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

** I had to pay for this additional money order because it was not clear to me at the time of paying the original Consulate processing fee that a fee was payable if the applicant applies for resumption of citizenship on the basis of academic qualifications. So I sent the fee and the Consulate later called me to advise that I needed to pay an additional fee.

*** I have read that this fee will be increased by LKR 50,000 in 2016 to 300,000 LKR.

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